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How To Tune Your Guitar In Standard Tuning:
Tune Your Guitar By Ear Using The Tune-O-Matic

Standard Tuning means that the guitar strings are tuned to: E A D G B e

Tune your strings by ear using the Tune-O-Matic! Play your guitar along with the Tune-O-Matic and adjust each string tighter or looser until the notes sound the same.


Standard Tuning For Guitar:

Standard Guitar Tuning is E A D G B e

Use the Tune-O-Matic to hear the notes:

Tune each string until the notes sound the same!

Proper Tuning Is Very Important:

It's very important to make sure your guitar is in tune before you begin practicing and learning guitar. Proper tuning is the foundation for learning any instrument and developing a musical ear. When you tune your guitar by ear you will be training your mind to hear unison intervals (two notes of the same pitch). Most of the lessons at AceGuitarLessons.com are taught using standard tuned guitars.


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Tune Your Guitar Using an Electronic Tuner

If you have an electronic guitar tuner you can use it to quickly tune your strings. A standard tuner will only tune to standard tuning. A chromatic tuner can tune to any note for any type of tuning. Chromatic tuners are more useful then standard tuners!

Remember the notes run in this order: A--A#--B--C--C#--D--D#--E--F--F#--G--G#--A

The Green notes are called naturals. The Black notes are called sharps (#).

You can learn more about the notes in the beginner guitar basics section of Ace Guitar Lessons.


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